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  • Jun 24th, 2020

    Benefits of outdoor activities and a good diet

    Leading an active life with daily exercise helps dogs stay at the right weight. And if you combine exercise with a Mediterranean diet, the benefits multiply. Not only is this…

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  • Jun 18th, 2020

    Mediterranean diet, physical and emotional well-being

    The Mediterranean diet and physical exercise lead to better mental health. Exercise improves mood and slows down cognitive decline, while ingredients in the Mediterranean diet support canine intellectual development. Diets…

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  • Jun 2nd, 2020

    Protective effects of phenolic compounds

    Phenolic compounds are one of the groups of micronutrients present in the plant kingdom and they play an important role in the human diet and the animal diet alike. The…

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  • May 4th, 2020

    Vitamins in the Mediterranean Diet

    The Mediterranean diet is much more than a simple nutritional guideline, as it's also a balanced lifestyle that includes recipes, ways of cooking, customs, physical exercise and a climate with…

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