A healthy lifestyle based on vegetables together with high quality protein and the unique properties of wonderful virgin olive oil for wholesome nutrition, active outdoor living, and lots of sunshine

Healthiest dog food

If it ́s so beneficial for our health, why not trying to bring those benefits to our pets

Healthiest dog food

The Mediterranean Diet is a balanced and heart-healthy eating tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, which features Virgin Olive Oil as a staple part of its diet.

Mediterranean Diet remains the essence of our Traditional cuisine. We are talking about a balanced heart-healthy diet, and one of its main differentiating features is the source of fat: Virgin Olive Oil. All the ingredients that make up this diet have a common characteristic: Healthfulness.

Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing fat source that promotes a healthy heart and mind and has been proven to be beneficial for our health.

Now your pet can enjoy our world famous mediterranean diet

It is quite easy, since dogs are omnivorous animals and therefore need a varied, balanced diet, which happens to be the core of Mediterranean Diet. High quality proteins, whole grains and high nutritional value fats like Virgin Olive Oil. This is the mix that will allow our pets to enjoy a high quality of life and benefit from this milenary lifestyle so studied and tested over thousands of years.

Mediterranean Diet will keep your dog feeling younger, more active and by your side for longer. Give your dog the balanced diet that they deserve and know that you’re giving them the best they deserve!

Healthiest dog food

Virgin olive oil, liquid gold

It ́s an essential staple in daily life of Spanish families. We guarantee the best Virgin Olive Oil based on our Tradition and Experience. We know how to select top quality Virgin Olive Oil and how to get the best of it. It ́s sourced from the grinding of olives and is carried out in a mill. Through the grinding of olives, we source this magical fat into Oil.

Healthiest dog food

Olive Oil is source of Vitamin E, and has anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties which help to protect cells, fight free radicals, enhance the dog ́s immune system, delay the onset of degenerative diseases and support joint.

Spain is the world leader
in virgin olive oil production

Oleocanthal, is a natural polyphenolic anti-inflammatory agent found only in Virgin Olive Oil. Oleocanthal is considered a natural non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

Hydroxytyrosol is present in the Virgin Olive Oil, and it´s considered one of the most powerful antioxidants known in nature.

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virgin olive oil

Healthiest dog food

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