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Mediterranean Diet brought to you by Biologia y Nutricion 2 USA, is a brand-new Dog Food line based in the long and healthy Tradition of its country of origin: Spain.

We specialize in creating the Healthiest Dog Food for your Pets. We love our Pets and want them to have the best of the best, and after years of research and production we have created our own food production for them.

Healthiest dog food

Virgin Olive Oil, «Liquid Gold«, is probably the biggest hero of Mediterranean Diet. In our time studying health and diet for Dogs we have found that Virgin Olive Oil holds amazing health benefits for pets and have designed a pet food using this Magical Oil.

Traditional mediterranean inspired recipes made with safe ingredients and real spanish virgin olive oil

Healthiest dog food

Our food is created with the highest quality vegetables and proteins; combined with Virgin Olive Oil your pet will be able to eat a wholesome and balanced meal.

Healthiest dog food

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