March 24, 2020

Olive Oil and fur

Olive Oil, Skin and Coat

The first thing that people notice about pets is their fur. Healthy fur is attractive and shiny. To keep it this way, we need to feed our pets a balanced diet, as the relationship between food and fur quality is crystal clear.

A healthy coat is a sign of good health in pets. Their fur is the main defence barrier against external onslaughts, so it must always be in optimal conditions if we want to avoid the risk of diseases. What’s more, the coat protects pets from solar radiation and maintains their body temperature, so it’s equally important that it’s in good condition.

What does the skin need?

The skin is a very active organ that has very high nutritional needs, which is why it should have an adequate supply of essential fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and oligoelements.

Essential fatty acids are the main components of the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane and of ceramides. The latter are responsible for holding skin cells together and therefore preventing the epidermis from dehydrating. What’s more, these acids have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.

If your dog’s diet lacks these substances, its fur visibly loses shine, while its skin loses thickness and becomes greasy. This is particularly noticeable behind its ears or in its skin folds. Therefore, fatty acids must feature in the composition of dog food.

Fatty acids must feature in the composition of dog food.

Advantages of olive oil for your dog’s coat

Healthy nutrition is good for you and also for your dog. Olive oil is highly valued, not just for being a very important food for health, but also for its medicinal and nutritional properties.

Good for their skin

Adding this liquid gold to dog food is beneficial to their skin. On the one hand, it has a softening effect that relieves itching, irritations and dryness of the epidermis, which are problems related with allergies in some cases. And on the other, it helps reduce the appearance of scales in the dermis and fights off insects.

As olive oil is rich in antioxidants, it also protects the skin from the appearance of free radicals and fights against ageing.

Good for their fur

When it comes to fur, olive oil provides an extra shine and a silky-smooth feel. It also strengthens the hair follicles, which in turn favours growth. And thanks to its high content of polyphenols and Vitamin E, it has great antioxidant powers, in addition to preventing damage to the fur caused by exposure to the sun.

Healthy nutrition is good for you and also for your dog.

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